Как выбрать свадебные букеты

If you are planning a wedding celebration and want to decorate the interior of the banquet hall. Or you want to give your wedding cortege a touch of color from natural flowers. In order not to make mistakes and not make mistakes in choosing, remember a few simple rules and tips on how to choose wedding bouquets.

Before the ceremony, make a list of all the necessary compositions.

It is worth noting that such bouquets are needed as:

    • the bride’s bouquet
    • groom’s boutonniere
    • bouquets for bridesmaids
    • boutonnieres for fathers and bouquets-brooches for young mothers

Also, do not forget about the decorations of the banquet hall, where the celebration will take place, and the cars of the wedding procession.

Choice of colors

The color of wedding flower arrangements plays a very important role. The bride’s wedding bouquet should be in harmony with the color scheme of the wedding dress. This rule also includes the groom’s boutonniere, which should also look harmoniously against the background of the groom’s suit.

Wedding bouquets

When creating the perfect interior for the banquet hall where the wedding will take place, keep an eye on the colors. So that flower arrangements are in harmony with the main shades in which the banquet hall is decorated.

The size of flower arrangements for a wedding

Of great importance in the design, plays the size of the flowers. For example, if you have a desire to decorate the tables, you should take care that the flowers do not interfere with the communication of the guests. If you nevertheless firmly decided to use beautiful large compositions, they can be placed along the walls, so they will not interfere with the communication and fun of the guests.

Smells of wedding flowers

Any flower has a characteristic smell which is an important component. It is worth noting that some flowers smell stronger than others. When discussing and ordering compositions from a florist, you should ask how sharp, persistent and strong the smell is of certain flowers that will be used to create wedding compositions. After all, there is a good chance that some of your guests may be allergic or very sensitive to the harsh aromas of flowers.

Wedding bouquet of the bride

It is worth paying special attention when choosing a bride’s wedding bouquet, because she will not part with it throughout the celebration. The bride’s bouquet should certainly be fresh flowers, and you should pay special attention to this when placing a wedding order. Some varieties of flowers are more persistent and can keep fresh throughout the celebration.

The bride's bouquet

The role of the season in choosing wedding bouquets and arrangements

When choosing flowers, it is very important to take into account what the weather is outside the window, as some varieties of flowers lose their attractiveness very quickly in haughty heat or cold. Thus, in winter, tulip bouquets should not be used in the composition, even if they are the bride’s favorite flowers. If you decide that a particular variety of flowers should be present at your wedding, you should make sure that it is available on the day of the ceremony, but if this may cause problems, you should think about ordering the desired variety of flowers in a flower store.

Wedding bouquets in Kharkov

Ask wedding florists what flowers will be available in the month when such an important event in the life of every person, especially a girl, will take place, when everything should be perfect on this day. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises that can save you a fortune, not only nerves, but also money, because seasonal flowers are much cheaper.