Frame with peony roses

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Frame with peony roses Lavender lace.

Are you at a loss as to what to give – either a stylish vase, or a chic bouquet, or some unusual souvenir related to interior design? Then take all at once in one package! Frame with peony roses Lavender Lace. One of the most successful original compositions presented in the Elite-Bouquet online store. Even when the roses wither, the glass cones will come back to life once new flowers are inserted into them.
A friend, a mother, and even a strict boss will appreciate such a gift. A beautiful frame with flowers in flasks is not only incredibly stylish and elegant. But also very practical.

For each bouquet, we add an envelope with care instructions and a product that helps you enjoy flowers for a long time.

In addition to the bouquet you can purchase:

  • “Aquabox” – a special disposable vase that will help preserve the freshness of flowers during long-term transportation of bouquets;
  • Branded craft package for transportation;
  • Postcards with your wishes;
  • Aroma candles;
  • Helium balloons;
  • Stuffed Toys.

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