Floral velvet heart

2,250 грн.3,680 грн.


Velvet heart with rose marsala composition. We offer in three sizes – 21cm, 26cm, 30cm.

Floral velvet heart
Floral velvet heart
Floral velvet heart

For each bouquet (composition) we add an envelope with care instructions and a product that helps you enjoy flowers for a long time.

In addition to the bouquet you can purchase:

  • “Aquabox” – a special disposable vase that will help preserve the freshness of flowers during long-term transportation of bouquets;
  • Branded craft package for transportation;
  • Postcards with your wishes;
  • Aroma candles;
  • Helium balloons;
  • Stuffed Toys.

Additional information


Size L(30cm), Size S(21cm), Size M(26cm)

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