Коробочка в виде сердца с розами

Can’t choose a bouquet?

In this article we will describe the possible options that you can order in our store, ideal for Valentine’s Day!

1. Valentine’s card from flowers.

It is very symbolic, you see, to choose a bouquet in the shape of a heart. A successful and understandable option for everyone. Flowers can be completely different. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is red roses, but hearts made of hydrangeas, orchids, spray chrysanthemums, colorful and bright, look no worse. And also the combination of different colors in one composition will look interesting and unusual! You can place valentine-shaped flowers in gift boxes, planters, wicker forms, or just a bouquet!

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2. Branded box ElitBuket.

Our boxes are a popular novelty! Eco style and plus a chalkboard, and any of your text on it! It’s great that you can write on it for whom this gift is, it’s immediately clear that it was chosen and made especially for this person! Give him your feelings. I think it’s very nice❤️

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3. Mixed bouquet

We offer extraordinarily beautiful and exotic flowers to make a bouquet for you! To really surprise your girlfriend and the bouquet will be remembered for a long time. Exotic flowers look very expensive, and if you have not seen them before, then you are unlikely to look away right away! Bright colors and beautiful shapes fit very nicely into bouquets with beautiful double and even triple arrangements, matched to them.

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 4. Hatbox or branded bag ElitBuket.

A huge flight of fancy, an endless choice of colors, adding your girlfriend’s favorite colors. The most fashionable option, a guarantee of a thousand photos with your gift!

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5. 101 roses.

The classic always remains! No matter how beautiful and interesting bouquets they come up with, men will still give 101 roses! You can choose a more modern option in a box, combine several colors of roses, a delicate spray rose, a peony rose will look expensive and unusual, or unusual blue or rainbow roses. And it is not necessary to give exactly this amount! Bouquets of 35, 51, 71 roses will also look beautiful and festive! And of course, we will select for you the design of these roses, to your taste!

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6. Flowers and sweets.

All girls love sweets! Combine this gift in a beautiful box with flowers, and enjoy the result.

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Thank you for your attention! I hope I helped you decide on the choice of a bouquet for Valentine’s Day!)