Our motto is “Floralization with love!” And it’s not just words. You can always feel it in our works, which we collect for you with all our heart.

Why ElitBuket?

  • The professionalism of our florists, who skillfully combine colors, textures, shapes and proportions. This is a lot of work, which is necessary for your bouquet to be the most beautiful.

  • We have a new qualification – florist-psychologist! What is the reason for this, and what is the advantage? The more accurately you describe the occasion, situation or person to whom you present the bouquet, the more ideally it will fit and match the task. All your wishes will be taken into account as much as possible. If you know for sure that the recipient does not like, say, lilies, and you liked the bouquet in which they are present, the florist will replace them with other suitable flowers. And if, on the contrary, the recipient has favorite flowers, he can easily add them to any bouquet. Also, you can change the packaging / box / design to your taste.

  • You can always pick up a bouquet for any budget. It can be like a small box for a little princess, or maybe you need to win someone’s heart, and you will need the largest box in the city (especially since our boxes really reach incredible proportions, the largest one today is 50 cm in diameter and weighs over 10 kg for the most important occasions). And with our individual approach to each client, we can collect the bouquet you like for any budget: smaller, larger, or with the replacement of some flowers.

  • We are crazy lovers of new products and actively follow the trends in the world of floristry, and the best ones end up in our store. ElitBuket are innovators in the field of bouquet design and various composition options from custom-shaped boxes to unicorn-shaped bouquets. So, if you like to surprise, then evaluate our range.

  • The variety of our colors includes manufacturers from Kharkiv to Ecuador. The buyer of our company will always find flowers with the best value for money at auctions in Holland, so the choice of flora on display is amazing.

  • Our main advantage is efficiency: delivery within 2 hours from the moment of order confirmation, assembling a bouquet with you from 30 minutes to an hour. The decisive role of fast order fulfillment is played by the fact that we own a large room with refrigeration equipment, thanks to which we always have most of the items in stock.